Witten goes to Heidelberg


For the delegation of Witten, the second weekend of 2019 was a very busy one. To prepare for our time in New York, we went to Heidelberg to participate in its, albeit much smaller, MUN.



The conference consisted of two assembles, one General Assembly and one NATO-assembly. In the GA, each country was represented by two delegates, one of whom went outside to talk to other countries and negotiate deals and one of whom stayed inside the assembly room to follow the speeches and defend their own point of view. At the heart of the conference was the 

WTO- General Council”.



The learning curve during the caucuses was steep. If one wanted to make any significant impact, there was not much room for hesitation or shyness. Viewing our participation as a learning exercise, we, the delegates from Witten, quickly threw ourselves into the action and started to negotiate for deals that would benefit our countries.



Even though our schedule during the day was packed, there was still time to socialize in the evening. This helped us grow closer as a group and also let to many interesting conversations with delegates from other universities.





Kenya's Economy



(in billion US$)

















  • Inflation rate 6%
  • negative trade deficit 
  • 61,1% of the population are engaged in farming, only 6,7% in the production branch 
  • 128/1000 children are dying before their fifth year of age 
  • less than 50% have access to secondary education 
  • Kenya’s economic freedom score is 55.1, making its economy the 130th freest in the 2019 Index
  • The entrepreneurial environment has become more streamlined, and no minimum capital is required for launching a business 
  • While Kenya has a growing enterpreneurial middle class and steady growth, its economic development has been impaired by weak governance and corruption