Witten goes to Heidelberg


For the delegation of Witten, the second weekend of 2020 was a very busy one. In order to prepare for NMUN in New York in April, a group of us went to the beautiful City of Heidelberg so we could participate in a similar, but much smaller simulation of the United Nations.



Though the conference consisted of two committees, the General Assembly and the World Bank, all of us were put into the GA where we discussed the issue of "Combatting Climate Change through Development Aid and Technology".  In the GA, most of the countries were represented by two delegates, one of whom went outside to talk to other delegates and negotiate deals and one of whom stayed inside the assembly room to follow the speeches and defend their own point of view. The main goal was to join forces with as many other nations as possible and formulate a draft resolution that should be voted upon at the very end of the conference.



The learning curve during the caucuses was steep. If one wanted to make any significant impact, there was not much room for hesitation or shyness. We quickly began to realize that the key to working out a good draft resolution was to stay as patient and diplomatic as possible while still passionately representing one's country's standpoints. Viewing our participation as a learning exercise, we, the delegates from Witten, quickly threw ourselves into the action and started giving speeches and negotiating deals that would benefit our countries.


Even though our schedule during the day was packed, there was still time to socialize in the evening.

This helped us grow closer as a group and also let to many interesting conversations with delegates from other universities, of whom a considerable number had already attended NMUN in New York.


On Sunday, it was time for our hard work to be rewarded. Not only did we vote for a draft resolution that the vast majority of delegates was happy with - three UW/H delegates won prizes for their special efforts.

Jonas Redecker was awarded with the "Best Language" Award due to his phenomenal speeches given during the sessions. The delegation of the Netherlands, Sönke Zivic and Miriam Müller won the "Award for Diplomacy" for conducting the otherwise often heated conversations with other delegates in a diplomatic and respectful manner.