Dear Sir or Madame,


We are incredibly proud that we will have the chance to represent the Arab Republic of Egypt within this year’s MUN New York. 


 Unfortunately, the participation in the conference also comes along with high costs. All together we will need about 30.000 € to take part in the conference. As you may imagine this is a high amount of money for students. Therefore, we hope to find partners like you. With your financial support, you would help us to make our dream come true!

Hopefully, we could convince you that the project will be a very valuable experience for students. But perhaps the question that remains open for you is what you would get out of sponsoring the project. 

The New York NMUN conference is the best known of its kind and is organised by students from the most renowned universities around the world. It is mainly financed by donations from important institutions that want to promote this idea and partnerships have established themselves as funding models in the culture of political conference simulations. 

The aim of Witten/Herdecke University is to prepare students as early as possible for their entry in the professional world. The NMUN will be a very formative experience for the participants, which will support them in their further career and strengthen their commitment to social and political issues and the assumption of responsibility. 

By supporting our delegation, you are directly supporting the practical education and internationalisation of young students who, in a few years' time, will want to take the leap into the professional world and responsibly shape the future, whether on a corporate or political level. 

We will report in detail about the trip and our experiences via our social media channels and express our gratitude to you as our partners. In addition, articles will be published in our university magazine and in the press, where we will mention our partners by name wherever possible. 

Hoping for your support, we look forward to hearing from you! 

The NMUN Delegation of Witten/Herdecke University