Model United Nations 2022

University Witten/Herdecke Delegation

This is us!

What do the current pandemic, climate change and refugee flows have in common? 

All of these issues can only be solved through international cooperation and are a result of increasing global interdependent systems. 

We are the Delegation of the Arab Republic of Egypt at the coming Model United Nations Conference in April 2022. Our aim is to solve global problems peacefully, practice diplomacy and recognize interests. 

We are 22 curious, open-minded and inquisitive students from the University of Witten/Herdecke, who will travel together to the United Nations Headquarters in New York in order to experience international dialogue and cooperation. In light of global challenges, there is a need for young people who are interested in and committed to worldwide cooperation as well as new perspectives. Perhaps the UN has never been more relevant to global challenges, and we look forward to being a part of the solutions.

At the simulated conference, we will practice problem-solving for peaceful solutions for real-world political concerns. Through independent, in-depth study of the country represented, one does not only learn about foreign cultures, political systems, and societies. One can also practice examining issues from a multitude of unique perspectives. 

At weekly meetings, we prepare for the conference in April and familiarise ourselves with its rules and customs.  This year we are representing the Delegation of the Arab Republic of Egypt – a country whose ambivalence certainly poses a challenge. On the one hand, the Arab Republic of Egypt impresses with its rich historical heritage and cultural diversity, on the other hand, the political scene and values tend to be quite different from those practised in Germany.

We would be very grateful for any support in our adventure and further education. Feel free to visit our social platforms and contact us anytime with questions you might have. 

Greetings from the President of University Witten/Herdecke for our participation in NMUN 2022